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shingeki no kyojin / a mix for the scouting legion [ listen here ]

i. hero - jars of clay ii. hopeful hearts - sarah slean iii. hold hands and fight - the rosebuds iv. the fear - ben howard v. oblivion - bastille vi. corpse roads - keaton henson vii. dead hearts - stars viii. hold my hand as i’m lowered - noah and the whale ix. graveyard - feist x. tuck the darkness in - bowerbirds xi. eulogy - patrick wolf

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7th, December, 201x :
totsuka died

19th, December, 201x:
mikoto died

wow mikoto was able to live without totsuka for 12 days


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Spoilers for Neko’s story in side:black&white



Neko was a victim of the Kagutsu Crater. Her true name was never revealed, but was always written as XX. Neko has been a Strain since she was young, and she was also very clever. Clever enough to not reveal this ability of hers to anyone, all while testing out her power on various people to get an idea of how much she could do. Her father would read her the story “Wagahai wa Neko dearu”. She met a cat later on, who seemed to be immune to her abilities, surprising her. 

One day, a person responsible for her mental development check-ups came to Neko and told her that she was a Strain using her powers to deceive her ‘parents’. Her ‘parents’ actually lost their child, a boy, at a very young age, and Neko filled in that gap with her ability. Neko realized what she had done, and dispelled her illusions. Her ‘parents’, now freed from Neko’s ability, called her a monster. Neko remembered the cat she had met before, and vowed to become like that cat, who could live on alone. The story ends with her saying, “Wagahai wa Neko de aru!”

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Original: 猿美のような何か Artist: 高馬 みゆき
Translations By: Icehot-Addiction

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